Summer Inspired Décor: Tribal & Global Chic

So to follow up on my post from a couple of weeks ago on how to incorporate tropical accessories in your outdoor space, I decided to add yet another post on my other obsession these days (and hopefully, for all eternity) – Tribal & Global Décor! I have to admit though, I get slightly confused by the concept of tribal décor… More Summer Inspired Décor: Tribal & Global Chic

Southern Spain

OK. I’m warning you. This post is REALLY long. I just have toooo many pictures to show you!!! I know you’ll probably be a little overwhelmed by pictures and random information and my emotional descriptions, but if you’re not planning on visiting, I think you can just go straight for the pictures. I will totally forgive you… More Southern Spain

Outdoor Décor: Tropical Prints & Parties!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been seeing tropical prints EVERYWHERE! That’s probably why I’m slightly obsessed with trying to figure out how to recreate the same look for my outdoor space. While pineapples, banana leaves, and parrots aren’t really for everyone, I do love that it’s become such a popular trend that I don’t… More Outdoor Décor: Tropical Prints & Parties!

London Town & Exploring the Non-Antiquey Side of Portobello Road

I started visiting London a lot a few years ago when my parents moved to the city. Actually, when they first moved, I really wasn’t the biggest fan. I mean I had been to London a couple of times as a kid, but as an adult it just seemed like an overwhelmingly big city with too many tourists, a super congested and complicated public… More London Town & Exploring the Non-Antiquey Side of Portobello Road

Baby Room #TBW

Is it just me or is Dhahran going through some major baby mania? Almost everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby! I never thought I’d be attending or be invited to more baby showers than birthday parties… So in the spirit of this “season,” I thought I’d do a little throwback to a baby… More Baby Room #TBW

Villa Style

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the opening of Villa Style, an interior design business and furniture store, a few months ago in Khobar. I was SO blown away with the type of furniture and accessories in the store – it was just incredibly stylish! I can safely say that they had some of the most beautiful pieces that… More Villa Style

Putting Together A Xeriscape Yard

If you’re even slightly interested in gardening, you’ve probably heard of the environmentally-friendly concept of “xeriscape/smartscape” yards by now. The concept is built around the idea that you should reduce the amount of green lawn in the landscape, and use hardy native plants that are generally better suited to the climate. It’s especially great for people who are interested… More Putting Together A Xeriscape Yard

Before & After: Kitchen Decluttering & Reorganizing

I recently spent quite a bit of time helping reorganize and declutter a client’s kitchen, and while it was an amazing experience, it also was SUPER challenging – mainly because the kitchen is pretty small and there really wasn’t much storage space available… First off, the shelves in the pantry are quite odd. Deep, not very tall, and extended way… More Before & After: Kitchen Decluttering & Reorganizing

It’s been 1 Year!

Sooo time really flies… I can’t believe it, but around this time last year, I “sort of” launched The Design Souk! Eekk! A year ago, I had started writing a few home posts on my new blog and had only told my immediate family members about my idea. I was very hesitant to go public with it, but my sister… More It’s been 1 Year!

IKEA. My Fave.

Sorry guys – it’s been a super busy month, and my husband’s been on a lengthy “stay cation,” so that’s why I’ve been a little behind with blogging… But I’m hoping that this post can make up for it! I’m sure that you can tell by now that I love going to IKEA. It’s a sick… More IKEA. My Fave.

ArtBahrain 2015

If you’re an art lover or a collector, you’re gonna love this… About a month ago, I stopped by ArtBahrain, an international art fair focused on showcasing the works of artists from all over the world. Galleries from so many different countries attended, including our very own Arabian Collections Gallery based out of Dhahran! I’ll be completely honest… when I first heard about the show,… More ArtBahrain 2015

Your Local Photographers!

Row 1 (left to right): Sadaqat Ali, Raazia Ali, Erin Clayton; Row 2 (left to right): Hina Mushtaq, Sheraz Mushtaq, Julie Owens Strawn; Row 3 (left to right): Amanda Peasley, Allison Redmon, Donna Weaver Ever considered having a family portrait done? Or interested in having someone photograph an event for you? Didn’t think you could get… More Your Local Photographers!

A Very Stylish Halloween Home Tour!

I’ve often found it difficult to imagine how one tastefully incorporates Halloween décor into their home. I’ve always seen great fall décor items, but I don’t see witches, ghosts, skeletons and just the combination of black and orange, in general, working in my home… However, I do happen to have a wonderfully stylish friend who seems to totally get… More A Very Stylish Halloween Home Tour!

Arabian SAS

If you live in Dhahran and are even slightly interested in home décor you’ve probably heard of Arabian SAS by now. It seems like everyone’s asking or talking about them these days… So because I’ve had a custom wood piece made by them, a post about this company seems quite timely and relevant! Arabian SAS has actually… More Arabian SAS

Eid Décor!

And… I’M BACK! After a wonderful summer abroad, I am finally back home and so happy about it! I hope all of you had an amazing break and are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have coming up in just over a month. So just when you were getting back into the swing of things, we get hit… More Eid Décor!

DIY Guest Post: Create A Ramadan & Eid Mubarak Sign!

Yay for my first guest post! Here is a lovely DIY project for Ramadan and Eid, created by a friend of mine, Sabrina. I keep seeing her beautiful creations on Facebook, and since she doesn’t have a blog of her own, I thought that this would be a great way for her to share her awesome ideas for this holy month with everyone. Enjoy! … More DIY Guest Post: Create A Ramadan & Eid Mubarak Sign!

Get Inspired

Blogging – and being in the “accessorizing my home” process – means that I spend A LOT of time browsing sites for inspiration and ideas. My typical morning starts with me in front of my computer, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, checking out my Pinterest account and my crazy Feedly account… In the process of browsing, I always manage to… More Get Inspired

Home & Garden Tour

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Dhahran Garden Group’s annual Home & Garden Tour – an amazing showcase of some of the homes and gardens that we have here in Dhahran! What I love about this event is that you get to see a lot of the same types of houses in the compound, done… More Home & Garden Tour

Glam Up Your Yard

Compound life doesn’t really lend itself to expressing your individuality. Most compounds try to keep their houses, facilities and anything else as standard and uniform as they can get. It’s not a bad thing, but it can be hard to find a way to distinguish yourself from others or express your own style. Yet… I’ve noticed… More Glam Up Your Yard

From Fabric to Custom

In this region of the world, transforming fabric into a custom piece is not too difficult to do, and can be a reasonably priced option for people living here. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the market, it’s worth considering having a piece made or a worn out piece reupholstered. This is… More From Fabric to Custom

Backyard: The Middle East’s Grilling & Outdoor Living Specialists

I feel like Saudi Arabia is a country where a culture of outdoor grilling really makes sense. The weather is great for a good chunk of the year, most people have decent yards in their villas or homes, and you get a lot of quality family time on weekdays and weekends. While finding a basic outdoor… More Backyard: The Middle East’s Grilling & Outdoor Living Specialists

My Home Office… Or the “Man Cave”

Our home has 2 bedrooms, and one more room that was originally staged like a dining/breakfast/”I don’t know what” room… Most houses, villas, and apartments in the Eastern Province come somewhat furnished, and while staging a space with dining room furniture makes sense, I was confused because this room had the largest closet in the house! This amazing closet is… More My Home Office… Or the “Man Cave”

Garden Pinning

Living in Saudi, you sometimes get in a rut and start thinking that you just can’t get the things that you want. I’ll admit, it’s not always available or in the color, size or shape that you want. But having been here for a while now, I’ve realized that you can find almost everything in Saudi… More Garden Pinning